About Ida

Ida Lindgren (1983), is a visual artist and filmmaker working in Enköping and Stockholm. She works in the field of contemporary art with moving image, lens-based art and installation.

She explores how power manifests itself in different spaces in society and how this is expressed in our bodies. Starting from the relationship between care and control, she asks questions about the influence of structures on the agency of both humans and materials.

With a background in documentary filmmaking time has become a raw material in all her work. Either by being present in the present, duplicating time, or by disorienting time and space to make the viewer uncertain. At the same time, she explores the discrepancy between image and reality. She likes to start from existing materials and places to investigate identity-creating processes and the role that different representations play for individuals and society.

She has gone from working with the narrative film to also exploring the moving image in the room. Today she works with video, photography, sculpture, installation and performance.

Ida has studied at The Royal Institute of ArtStockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts and the Valand Academy.

Her work has been shown at FotografiskaBerlinale and Idfa.

Besides her artistic practice she also take commissioned assignments in photography and film as well as teaching assignments and guest lecturer.

Contact: ida.lindgren (@ ) gmail.com